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OSM, OpenRailwayMap and more.

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About Mapply app:

Mapply is a map viewer for Open Street Map and other tile based maps. It's a simple app to view maps and save them for offline use. Available on iPhones, iPads and Silicon Macs.

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Mapply is a viewer for tile based maps.

With Mapply you can explore all kinds of different map-layers:

Discover the world in Open Street Map and find all kinds of details nearby.

  • - OpenStreetMap

Open Transport Map focuses including airports, train lines, train stations, bus lines and bus stops.

  • - OpenTransportMap

Focus on nautic details such as harbours, buoys and more? Open Sea Map is for you!

  • - OpenSeaMap

With the map collection of Waymarked Trails a bunch of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking and skiing are covered with individual maps.

  • - Waymarked Trails - Hiking
  • - Waymarked Trails - Cycling
  • - Waymarked Trails - Mountain Biking
  • - Waymarked Trails - Slopes

Interested in height-profiles of specific areas? Open Topo Map shows exactly this.

  • - OpenTopoMap

If you're interested in trains and train tacks Open Railway Map has the right data for you with information about train tracks around the world and more detailed layers for information about max speed allows, signals on tracks, electrification and track gauge.

  • - OpenRailwayMap - Standard
  • - OpenRailwayMap - Max speed
  • - OpenRailwayMap - Signals
  • - OpenRailwayMap - Electrification
  • - OpenRailwayMap - Track gauge

Fancy custom design by Stamen Design showing the world in watercolors, black and white (toner) or with its terrain being highlighted.

  • - Stamen Design - Watercolor
  • - Stamen Design - Toner
  • - Stamen Design - Terrain

Mapply also caches areas you've discovered on your device so they'll load even faster if you want to see the again or are offline.

Feel free to suggest other maps for further updates.

The content shown in Mapply is based on open source data for both, the map data and the overlay styles.

Attributions are shown in app when viewing different tiles from different providers.